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2001-11-05 Sleeping AgentZ Servers
I talked to Reduce and Xorpher about a clan/public server... We agreed that it would be very good to have, so we will put up an server widthin the next week. In the mean while Xorpher will put up an temp server that we can play on...
2001-11-04 New members
Today we had some more members who wanted to JOIN up with us. Qwarx, RoadRash, D3V!L, cato and Infiltrator... Planing a PRCC next weekend so all members gets to know each other.
2001-11-03 Quake3 Arena
We started to play more and more Quake3 now, think we will start to play more of that now... We will soon play our first real CS matches. We joined the Swedish Day of Defeat ladder and Quake3 TeamDeathmatch ladder. I hope that we will start to play some real OnLine matchens soon... I planing to setup a Counter-Strike 2on2 game at the Swedish ladder. I think Xorpher and Reduce will make a GOOD team.
2001-10-10 New design(again)
Ones more I've redesign this page, I think it looks better... The clan will traing next weekend on our own LAN party, so we will soon be READY for some real action!